Rail Travel

To increase the frequency of less than daily trains. Our view is that anything less than daily can never be sufficient for the public.

To Promote the expansion of passenger rail service between Chicago, IL, and Miami, FL.
To Promote the expansion of the Heartland Flyer north to Tulsa, OK and/or Newton, KS.
To restore sevice via the Sunset Limited to Phoenix, AZ and allow for increased rail service in the Tucson-Phoenix-Los Angeles corridor.
To allow for increased rail service in the “Texas Triangle.”
To reroute the Texas Eagle to Los Angeles via the Baird Subdivision from Ft. Worth to El Paso and through Phoenix.
To restore lower-priced sleepers to single-level trains, including the Crescent, Lake Shore Limited and Silver Service Trains. While the Viewliners offer a superior ride, it is our view that sleeping accommodations such as Slumbercoaches offer a slightly less luxurious ride but allow the budget-minded traveler to travel less expensively. Our view is that these cars should be an ADDITION, not a REPLACEMENT.
RTUS feels that if a network of intercity trains exist that cater to the largest cities, other, less populated cities will find it easier to connect to the national intercity network.

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